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Has a storm left your roof in shambles?


Our Roofers Are Here

At Champion Restoration we're there for you when you need us most! Storm damage to your roof can be devastating. Between hail damage and fallen tree limbs or entire tree, your roof can be left barely standing. But not to worry. Responding to insurance claims is our specialty. We act fast to get to your location to localize the damages and get to work quickly. Our roofers can identify the extent of weather damage to your roof and work hand-in-hand with insurance companies to help ease the cost of replacing your roof. Based on the damages, we can make speedy repairs or replace your roof. Best of all, once we're done it will look as good as the day it was built.

Plus, we're there with you every step of the way when it comes to navigating your insurance claim. We'll work directly with your insurance company to make sure that you're getting the coverage that you're owed.

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