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Home Roof Replacement

If you think your house has storm damage, it’s time to get your roof checked out. It may seem daunting to have your roof replaced, but waiting too long can cause foundational and structural damage to your home. We offer free estimates to all of our clients so they know the condition of their roof and know what the pricing will be. We also check your insurance policy to see what can be covered by insurance.

Man repairing a roof at Champion Restorations in Little Rock, AR
House Gutters at Champion Restorations in Little Rock, AR


No homeowner thinks about their gutters — until they stop working. Gutters may not seem like a big deal, but they protect your home from devastating leaks and waterlogged foundations. Leaving your gutters clogged or leaking can result in an expensive fix down the road. Don’t delay in calling our team to fix your gutters!

House gutters


Siding protects the exterior of your home, and it can be the first indication that your house sustained storm damage. Strong winds can strip your siding while hail damage can dent it. Don’t leave your house vulnerable! Call us today for a free inspection and see what your insurance covers.

House Siding Service at Champion Restorations in Little Rock, AR

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