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Out With The Old & In With A New Roof!

Roofing Replacement Services

Leave It To Champion Restoration

Getting a new roof can be a daunting process but with Champion Restoration, we make it as seamless as possible. The typical lifespan of a roof is 20 years but depending on various factors, it could be shorter. For instance, roofing repairs that go unattended for long periods of time can result in a client needing a new roof entirely. If you suspect it's time for an upgrade, we're only a short phone call away. Licensed, bonded and insured, our roofers are more than qualified to fully remove your existing roof and install a new one. Since we understand this is a highly involved process, we work quickly but that doesn't mean we compromise on quality!

Choose Your Roofing Material

What type of roofing do you prefer? Different materials may work better for different spaces. While we specialize in shingle roof replacement, our team can install any type of roof. You can count on us to replace your:

    • Metal Roof
    • Clay Tile Roof
    • Slate Roof
    • Membrane Roof

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